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In quest'area potete scoprire nel dettaglio le novità della FRITSCH e leggere dati e fatti importanti su fiere, workshop e roadshows.


  • analytica 2024

    We thoroughly enjoyed being at the analytica this past week. The great atmosphere fostered lively discussions with professional visitors from around the globe. Watch our brief video and catch the analytica vibe.

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  • So long Ruth!

    After 25 years with the company, we said goodbye to our colleague Ruth Purpur-Dietrich, who worked in assembly as an industrial electronics technician in the instrument technology department.

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  • Experiences instead of advertising claims

    Experiences say more than any advertising promise. Melanie Altmiks, laboratory manager at Hedenkamp, reveals how she was able to simplify tedious tasks in the laboratory with FRITSCH instruments

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  • We care for families!

    How do you combine family and career? Often family and career support are just buzzwords in many job ads. But with us, this is actually lived. Here, some Fritschis talk about their experiences.

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  • All the best for your retirement!

    On the job, it's like robbing a bank: You can't do it without the right accomplices. Thank you for being our accomplices. We said goodbye to our "accomplices" Gisela and Klaus with a barbecue.

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  • The Hidden Champion in Rheinland-Pfalz

    IHK regional managing director Christina Schwardt visited the Fritsch company in Idar-Oberstein and exchanged views with the two brothers Sebastian and Maximilian Fritsch, who now run the company in the 4th generation.

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  • ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT wet dispersion unit with pH sensor

    Innovative measurement of the pH value of the dispersion liquid during particle sizing

    This patented method covers fluctuations much more effectively than the zeta potential.

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  • ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT Training in Switzerland

    Our particle measuring instruments are used in numerous countries in diverse industries. And our service also includes training, if desired also directly on site.

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    The inexpensive cutting mill for small sample quantities - especially suitable for preparing samples of grains, other seeds or plastics.

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  • See you later Gerhard!

    Our colleague Gerhard Bär retired and the FRITSCH family send him off with a proper barbecue.

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  • Combining static light scattering with Dynamic Image Analysis

    We successfully united two different measuring principles by combining our Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 and ANALYSETTE 28.

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